How to define the "Go To" Cell for a New Record?

It would be great to be able to define the fist cell that the cursor defaults too when a new record is created. At the moment it it the top left cell nearest to the A1 cell. The user will then need to click to the cell they need to start a data entry. The data entry is very regular and consistent, so being able to defin e the “go to” cell number for a new record would be a nice user friendly feature


Usually, users will start creating their entries or fill out their forms from the top left area, which is why the default focused field when creating an entry is the field that is nearest to A1.
Is there a specific reason why you would like to select other fields as the default focused field? If so, could you please elaborate so we can discuss this use case with our team?

I’d like to setup a sheet with at least 3 rows of reference information/data/fields that need to be visible to the user, but the user doesn’t necessarily need to start entering their variable inputs in this section. So it would be good if the user was automatically taken to the start cell where they would normally start to key in data. This would be a UI nicety to make the experience more efficient.

Expanding on this theme further, it would be nice to be able to add a “sequence” number to any cells that the user normally flows through as part of entering data. Each field could have a “sequence” variable where we can design the normal data entry field flow/sequence in the normal logical and efficient sequential order (i.e. 1=first cell, 2=second cell, 3=third cell in the sequence and 0=skip cell/default)

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening


Not exactly sure what you mean here. Could you please provide us with related data examples and screenshots to describe your ideal workflow? If you would like to provide information privately, please emails us at so Ragic Support and reach out to you privately.