How to consolidate data?


Hello. Need some help.

I have several machines that sometimes makes the same product.
m1: 100 apples
m2 : 50 oranges
m3: 200 apples
m4: 10 apples
m5: 140 pineapples

Is there a way to consolidate all the unique products into:
310 apples
50 oranges
140 pineapples

The grouping report does this but it is not what I need… I have to continue working with the consolidated data to assign cost and make the inventory entry.




Can you send an email with the sheet link and elaborate more of this use case,
we need more information to give you appropriate advices.



Hi and happy 20Plenty:grinning:

I wanted to know if you found a solution as I have a similair need.



No. I havent contact them. But I dont think it is possible.


Maybe using in a way might work.


Yes, you are right. I actually use SUMIF in other occassions where there are few fixed items.

But there are cases when I have items that change measures everyday and are way too many to list them.


To consolidate simple unique products,ragic Pivot report can be used.

To consolidate complicated one, need to write some javascript code or other tools.


Thanks for the responses. Both the Grouping Report and the Pivot Report will consolidate (group) them. However what I need is not a report. The problem is that I need the information (in this case the group totals) within the sheet, for further calculations.

In Excel i use the pivot table to group them and then apply a price. Then total these prices daily.Capture2

By the way this is not a deal breaker for me. What I have to do is apply the price individually to every entry. Then the use the Grouping Report.