How to calculate/shows the current inventory

I’ve set up sheets for products, suppliers, customers, purchases and sales.
However, I don’t know how to link these sheets to calculate the current inventory (= quantity purchase - quantity sale). And how to create a summary report about inventory for all products. Please advice.


Not quite sure your database design, if that the Ragic templates you’re using or the sheets are created by your own? If it’s template, we’ve built up the process, when purchase product, it would go through incoming stock, and sales product would go to stocks out, these action will deduct or increase product inventory. You could see all the inventory on listing page of inventory sheet.

If the structure is created by your own, I would suggest submitting a support ticket via “Need Help” and share your demands and sheets URL with us so that we could have a better understanding to your database and maybe give some advice.

Thanks a lot. The problem is solved.

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