How? Mass update by cascading selection

I need help.
I have cascading selections (for better understanding I explain just an example, because you speak english and my database is in german. In my real existing datadase cascading selections there are no numbers. “,” means “new line”):
A >a
B >k, l, m
C >x, y, z

a >1, 2, 3
k >11, 22, 33
l >44, 55, 66
m >77, 88, 99
x >111, 222, 333
y >444, 555, 666
z >777, 888, 999

Now I changed the name of “a” into “al”.
And wanted to mass update the field (“Kat2”) with the second cascading selection from “a” into “al” of some filtered entries.
But it always tells me " Selection field check error: value al is not in the options of field Kat2."
Then I changed the cascading selection and wrote into it a, al.
And tried again the mass update. But still the same error.

Is there any way to change the name of some cascading field words and then take it for mass update?

Please help me, because, if it doesn’t work, I would have to change the words manually for hundreds of entries in 3 cascading fields…
Thanks a lot in advance!


Would you like to allow Ragic support to access your account to test and have a better understanding of your database and your issue? You can do this by clicking on the “Need Help” button located on the top right of your screen, and submit a support ticket and enter your question with the complete details such as the link of the sheet, description of your process, screenshots or video recordings (please upload your video to this link, etc.

Hello Fabio,
thanks, I will do that.
Best regards, Bettina

still this does not work.
It still tells me “Selection field check error: value al is not in the options of field Kat2” (if I wanted to mass update the value to al in the field Kat2).
I really need this feature- a lot.
Please bring it to work- thanks :slight_smile:


In order for us to better understand your situation, would you please reply to the original support ticket email or submit another support ticket and provide us with the necessary details of your current issue (workflow details, ideal outcome, screenshots, etc.)?

Hi Fabio,
I just submitted a new ticket for it with a video.
Thanks in advance for your help, Bettina

Hi Bettina - Did you get a solution to this in the end? I have the same issue and was told by Ragic that mass updates do not work with cascaded selections. So I am stuck with a set of cascading selections that I need to change and then update, and the only way at the moment is to do it manually.


Hi Susie,

no sorry, the Ragic team does not yet have a solution- that’s what they told me in the middle of July. They know the problem from me since march- since five months.

And also I didn’t find any workaround inside Ragic.
The only idea I have to avoid manually editing, is a workaround outside of Ragic: Exporting to Excel, correct the values by “search and replace” and again importing it.
But I have a bit fear to do it like this. I have fear, to lose data- from almost 12000 entries, which I worked for about one year.
So I am still in hope…

Have you tried creating child records from the cascading table? That would allow you to do a mass update on the child records which in turn updates the cascading table.

Hello Angie,

sorry, I do not understand your answer.
I have entries like (Categories are the cascading selections):
Product: Butter
Category 1: Food & Drinks
Category 2: Food to cool
Category 3: Milk products

If I renamed the category 2 from “Food to cool” to “Cooling Food”, then I want to mass update all products, which have in the category 2 “Food to cool” to category 2 “Cooling food”.
And that doesn’t work. For that I need a solution.
I do not understand for what he child records should be.
And: I have almost 12000 entries!