How many sheets

Hi Folks
What is the best practice regarding sheets. Is it better to have all fields in one sheet or is it better to have separate sheets for things like contact info, role and group, etc. Thanks


Basically, when creating a sheet, you would need to consider how you would like your users to fill in data. For example, if you would like your users to fill in their general information on one sheet, you should think about what types of information you would like from them and design the respective fields on the sheet.

It will probably only be me that fills it in to begin with. I was just thinking along the lines of a database relationship and breaking it all down.


I know what you mean…If you are going to be using some specific info over and over again, like say your contacts, then you may wish to have them in a separate sheet, so you can select them instead of re-entering the same info every time…

Then again, like Fabio said above, if it is a sheet that a client is filling out, then you may not think it best for them to have to enter information into additional forms, but it’s up to you, as selecting an already entered contact for instance, is not such a bad thing!

Good luck!