How do I get current selected rows (i.e, the current filter)?

I want to create an action button that will just operate on the current selection. The user will set up a filter (let’s say all records with “foo” in the name column and then click the action button to just operate on those filtered records and not the other records.

It looks like I can filter records through the Javascript API, but that’s not going to help me since the user isn’t going to edit the script to add in the filter parameters. The user just wants to set up a filter through the GUI then press the button.

Is there an API method to get either the user’s current filter, or just the records selected by the current filter?

Are you referring to action buttons added to the “Listing Page”?

Currently we’re considering adding a new feature for users to execute “Form Page” action buttons for all filtered out records on the “Mass Edit” function. Would this be able to help with your requirement?

The underlying issue is that your bulk update feature replaces the contents of multiselect fields rather than appending to the fields.

Let’s say I have a column “Keywords” and it’s a multiselect field. I want to select a series of rows, and then add a “processed” keyword to the list. Your current bulk update feature would simply make all the keywords in the selection “processed”, wiping out whatever was there before.

How would I do that where it appends to multiselect fields?