How do I copy user data (name, email, address ....) using formulas?

I have a field that contains users (from the user table) and I want to populate a different field with user data like their names, emails and so on. I tried using formulas, but that gave me empty strings.

For example, user field is G8 of type “select user”, so I used the formula “G8” in the new field of type “free text” hoping to get the user name, but I got blanks. And, yes, I did click on “apply this formula to all saved records”.

Is there a way to do that?


Please provide screenshots of the design interface, including the G8 field and formula settings, as well as screenshots of the actual form data, including the view where the G8 field doesn’t have any values. Thank you.

Use .RAW for address ie G8.RAW not G8