HLOOKUP function returns similar value as a match. Should be exact value match only

Hello. Is HLOOKUP not accurate when looking up numbers to multiple decimal places?

I have formula that takes the lowest price (using the MIN function) and searches for that value in a subtable of prices, for example, $0.008. For some reason HLOOKUP accepts $0.0087 as a valid match when they are clearly NOT the same number. And therefore it completely misses the entry with the actual $0.0008 price. Please advise how to enforce an exact match when using HLOOKUP and numbers/currency.

Uhm…HLOOKUP() is not supported currently, not quite sure what cause this problem.

If you are looking for approximate match for VLOOKUP(), please refer to formulas document

I apologize, I meant VLOOKUP. Not sure why I wrote HLOOKUP. And I should have checked the formula document page before asking here. I would have found the answer quickly. Sorry, and thanks for your answer.

Oops, I spoke too soon. I am not sure the proper syntax for setting the approximateMatch function to false. Which of the following works properly, or am I doing them all wrong? Please advise:







If you would like VLOOKUP an approximate match, [approximateMatch=true] and [findMultiple=false/true] are both needed.

You could try formulas below,
VLOOKUP(I8,E19,A19,false,true) or VLOOKUP(I8,E19,A19,false,false), depends on whether or not returns multiple values.