Hide Columns in the form view.

Sometimes I have the need to hide entire columns out of view. I can currently do this via drag and drop, but it’s a bit fiddly. Right click hide, as you can in Excel would be great.


Dear support~

In addition to William’s request, in my usage I often have to manage a list page with a large number of columns.

Would it be possible to have features similar to that in excel, where I can freeze pane, or group columns together so that those columns can hidden and unhidden with a single click?

Thank you Ragic, for all the awesome work!

  1. We do have plans to add column hiding feature on the listing page without going into browse mode. I will keep you guys posted.

  2. Column grouping is also a pretty good suggestion, we will consider adding that to help show / hiding columns easier.

@shane.williams @joe.yuping

Do you have a few “go to” sets of columns you use regularly? You could create a “multiple version” sheet for each. Each sheet would have only the columns you need.

This could be a temporary solution until they finish their developing their current ideas.

To add to this instead of making different versions for each view it would be more user friendly to allow the user (not designer) to select to allowed columns and then also apply a filter name to it.

Often users need different views (columns and filters) to get to data quickly.

Yes, this seems a lot like Zoho. That would really useful.

Hi Jeff

What happened to this request? I have exactly the same problem as Williams.
It would help very much when having many columbs, instead of changing design of the listing page or dividing to different sheets with links or formulas which won’t automatically be updated.
Definately need “save as view” function for columns as well.

I assume different version requires swithcing to another account?(I’m very new to ragic)
Also original sheet still has to be huge.
→Now I learned that multiple version won’t require another account and only share data but the design. Will this be counted as another sheet? (subscribing to Lite plan)


Yes, multiple version will be counted as another sheet.

Hi Angie
Thanks for the reply.
Is it possible to import&entry(update) from excel/csv files on multiple version sheet or can be done only on original sheet?


Since multiple versions share the same data set, you can import your files in any of the version and those entries will populate on other versions as well.

Thanks for clarifying, Angie.