Hidden additional "new fields" in multiple sheet versions.

Hi Ragic Team,

A usual thanks for all your ongoing support over the years I have been using Ragic!

I have noticed some time ago a new feature was included in Ragic, that allows any new field added to an existing form design to also be added to multiple versions of the sheet as well.

Basically, a pop-up appears shortly after one has added new field/s and wish to save the record, basically you are prompted to make changes to the list of new fields and also which sheet for them to be include in.

This is a very useful!

However, I must make mention that when I have added fields in the past this way, they are visible on the other form pages, and there is no option to have them added such that they remain hidden.

This ability, would make life a whole lot easier, as I will not have to go through all the other version of the sheet (immediately I may add :frowning: ), to change them to hidden, as most often time that is the case, or similar…

I am sure you can appreciate the point I am making; and also find that such capability in this feature would be most advantageous!

Thank you in advance, for your time and consideration, it is most appreciated! And an enjoyable experience too!



For Ragic Support to better understand the situation, could you please submit a support ticket via the “Need Help” button located on the top right corner of your database screen, describe your design steps when using multiple versions, and provide us with related screenshots and video recordings in your ticket?