Help with Year, Month, Days formula

If i have A1 as start date 2018/05/01 and A2 as end date 2020/06/17
A2-A1 will give me the days between. If I want them to show years, it would be (A2-A1)/365. which gives me 2.13151 years.

How do I make it show years, months and days? As in 2 years, 1 month, 16 days?

Edit: I have succeeded by using multiple fields (5 in total). First one to calculate total days. Another with lookup formula to put whole numbers in years, then another field to calculate the remaining portion, then another lookup to put whole months, finally a field to calculate remaining portion in days.

Is there an easier way to do this?

Another related question.
Is there a formula for Year to Date?
I want to automatically calculate the time between 2020/01/01 and a specified date.
I could hide a field with 2020/01/01 as default value and use it to substract it to specified date. But then each year I would need to change this. Also could experiment with month() and day().
Any easier way?