Help with string formula

Hello, I’m new here and I’m having trouble with adding a string formula.
I’d like to add a readonly checkbox field that checks if another text field contains a substring.

Something like:
=ISNUMBER(SEARCH(“my text”,A4))

I’ve tried a few options and searched the formula page but I cannot find an answer.


We currently do not supported formulas for search function.

SOLVED: See Add dynamic icons/record flags and Emoji 😉

or go to

Hope this was what you needed

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Hi Amy,

Sorry if I got things wrong, but this was a related to the above post. Instead of using SEARCH(“my text”,A4) you can use FIND(‘my text’, A10)>0 to do what the user wanted with the checkbox.

I simply created a separate post in the Gallery section as my post dealt with more than just the dynamic code function.

Please let me know what you would prefer I did in the future when I want to help someone and then also mention additional things you can do? Either on this thread or you can email me at


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Sorry for the misunderstanding, I was mislead by the “emoji”. And yes, you are correct.

Thank you for the answer. it was very helpful and informative :slight_smile:

Though I agree that at first when I saw the “add dynamic icons /Emoji” title I thought it had nothing to do with my question.

Thanks and in future I will keep them separate. Sorry for the confusion.

Have a great day.