Help with formula to calculate all filtered values in a column.

While I am pretty familiar with using formulas in Excel, I have struggled to pickup the process with Ragic.

I am looking for how to obtain a filtered Total for a column in my spreadsheet (listing mode), which I can use to run other formulas/calculations.

As an example:

Column A includes Unique Identifier
Column B includes a linked field which is a person. This value would be repeated numerous times.
Column C contains a numeric value.

I am requesting help with the formula to calculate the total values in Column C. This value would be updated depending on who is being filtered on in Column B.

I have located the Total & Summary button but am looking for this value to make other calculations/formulas.

To analyze your data, it’s suggested to generate a report.
If you would like to store the “total value” of your field C according to your field B (a linked field), you may also consider adding a reference subtable by using our linking tool “show references from existing sheet” on the linked source sheet (the sheet where you link to field B) so that you can create a field and assign formula to calculate total.