Help with: Create separate Test User Account


In Ragic there are a number of ways to share information, such as by using publish-to-the-web! My question here is however, how to create the separate Test user Account?

Ragis states
Option 2: Click on Generate link with API key . This will generate a link using the API key of your access rights, hence the users who have this link will be able to access the database as you. It’s recommended to create a separate test user account for API Key usage and grant proper access rights. By this, you won’t be logged out if others access into your database through this link.

I am at this stage unsure as to what kind of account it is that I will need to create.

Your assistance will be appreciated!


Hi Kane,

When you use “Publish to the Web”, usually you will need to make your sheet public in order to successfully publish it to the web. However, for some / most cases, you don’t want to make your sheet public if it’s private data, so that you can use “Generate link with API key” instead, with this method, you don’t have to set your sheet public, but, anyone/any application who has your API key can log in as you, which is the SYSAdmin, and one user account cannot be logged in by multiple devices that you might be logged out when others (who has your API key) log in to Ragic.

And that’s why it’s recommended to use a test user account (you will need to pay for it if it’s an internal user, or it’s free to add an external user, according to the access rights you need to grant to this user account), with the proper access right that this user can access the data you would like to publish to the web, and use this user account to log in and generate the link with API key for publishing to the web.

Hi Amy,
This is all too clear now!

Thanks for our help!


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Hi Amy,

I have another questing related to this…

How about if I wanted to embed the sheet, normally I can’t embed a sheet without first having to make sure I am using a sheet that is available to EVERYONE, in the access rights settings!

My questing is though, if I was to use the API, and embed the sheet that way (or even if I just include a link/ URL for the sheet), into my website, without using the said imbedding tool already in Ragic… Would the “test user account” work for this too? I’m asking as multiple people will be using the same said link or viewing the said imbedded sheet, whence included in my website!

Looking forward to your response!


Hi Kane,

Sorry for the late reply.

When embedding, technically there is no way to use the API key to embed a sheet that’s not open to EVERYONE, so that people can access the sheet without logging in. The reason is that embedding is a frontend thing, with all things written in Javascript, read by the browser. If the embed contains any API key, it will be a security issue because you’re sharing an API key with everyone that can access the web embed.

You can still embed a sheet without making it available to everyone, but the visitor will see a log in screen instead of the embedded sheet prompting them to log in first so that the system can check if the user has sufficient privilege to access this sheet.

So Jeff,

In other words, what you are saying here is that:

If I’m Embedding a sheet, under; “Embed this Sheet” in the Tools menu, and choose the “Raw embed” option, the page embed will show a login screen; for users (x-user/users)?

Where the other options under “Embed this Sheet”, work only on sheets set to EVERYONE, otherwise if you try to embed a sheet with greater privileges to Users or X-users, then you will be risking giving out your account API.