Help with "Available Now" Y/N formula!


I need a formula that works, the one I am using does not seem to work properly.

Sheet: Admin View
Cell: B34 Title: Available NOW!
Reference Cells: B33 Title: Available from (date)

I would like a new formula, for cell “B34” to give an “available now” value either “Y” or “N”. The formula would need to reference cell B33 (i.e. the date available from).

Current formula looks like …


Thanks in advance!


It’s not suggested to list out the sheet url in community that other users might be able to access your data/database if you set your sheet public. So I’ve removed the sheet url for you.

To answer your question, “TODAY()” or “NOW()” function is not supported to be compared in the condition that you will need to create another Date & Time field to retrieve the value by NOW() function, then use this field in your IF() formulas in the condition instead.

For detailed information, you may refer to:

Section: Referencing TODAY() or NOW() with the IF function