Help Reconciling Two Sheets

We are going through the tedious process of reconciling two databases (sheets) and we can’t figure out how to do this quickly.

Database A (Sheet A) contains 100,000 records with unique id X, first name, last name, city state, zip code and order amount.

Database B (Sheet B) contains 2,000 records with unique id Y, first name last name, city, state, zip code.

Problem: There are unique IDs for the records in database A and database B, but they are not the same hence the unique ID X & Y and we lost any relationship that the unique Ids have to each other. They might as well be random strings.

Goal: Ultimately, the goal is to have Database B updated with order information from Database A. Here’s how we thought about doing it, but open to suggestions: Have database B pull up the records from Database A that match first name, last name, city, state, and zip code… once the matches are returned then select the matches to post to Database B. Most of the time when all four fields match we can safely assume that they belong to that customer but not always. So thus that why we’d like a way to select before posting the matches… but even if there is no way to post them as long as they display on the same form, we can just copy them.

Again, this is the crude way we thought about doing this, but open to any and all suggestions.

Help. Please. Please.


Can you email or click “Need Help?” > “Support” at the top right corner to send us an support ticket? We will answer you will some suggestions.

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Thank you!