Help Please - Multiple Market


I am new to Ragic - have not signed up just yet to a paid account - just testing,

My problem is we have a large range of the same products sold at different currencies depending on the market. We sell via 3rd party companies worldwide. Also we do not sell the full range in each market for many different reasons.
I would like to give these 3rd parties access to Ragic but only want them to see the products in their market and only those products that are available to them. I want them to be able to put together a quote using the database.

I was hoping on having a master price list with everything in but when filtering data you can clear the filter ans see everything. If I create separate price lists for each market then I need to replicate the quote sheet for each mareket - is there a way around that that each user can only see their records !!!



Setting them as “Survey User” (with additional access settings “No create” and “No edit”) and assign entries to them so that they will only be able to see the entries assigned to them.



Checkout this manual and you can also create specific views for different users.

Possibilities are endless.

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Thank you for your help


Thank you