Has anyone got Ragic working with ChatGPT

I would like to see if AI (artificial intelligence) can be applied to Ragic data to analysis data and return various data insights.




I played around with Noteable (noteable.io) ChatGPT Plugin for a bit. It is able to access data via “Publish to the Web” URL with API Key. And it will do some analysis and data manipulation with Python.
BTW, Noteable is an alternative to Jupyter Notebook, but it offers ChatGPT Plugins.

I don’t know Python, but basically ChatGPT read and learn about the data from Ragic.
And then you can ask questions. ChatGPT will write the Python code and use something like Plotly to draw charts based on what you ask.

For example,
I asked it to load the web URL and create a new Notebook through using Noteable Plugin

it is able to draw me diagrams like:

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