GoTo record number


On the list page we have the capability of “Get Record number” It would be helpful if we had the cabability of a “Goto Record number”. so that the record listing would begin with the record number entered. ( we also need the ability to see the record number on each record)



As we’re not quite sure what you mean, would you mind to share an example of what you would to achieve?


Example - Order Sheet:

Record number Order Id Amount Client
Created by Ragic in Backround Created by system Total of Order Entered by client

1 ORD-345-001 $1,200.00 xyz Corp
2 ORD-345-002 $1,600.00 abc Corp
3 ORD-345-003 $3,245.00 xyz Corp

The Get Record number would be 3
The GoTo Record number would allow me to enter the number 2 and the above list would start with ORD-345-002 and then the rest of the file.