GoTo record number

On the list page we have the capability of “Get Record number” It would be helpful if we had the cabability of a “Goto Record number”. so that the record listing would begin with the record number entered. ( we also need the ability to see the record number on each record)

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As we’re not quite sure what you mean, would you mind to share an example of what you would to achieve?

Example - Order Sheet:

Record number Order Id Amount Client
Created by Ragic in Backround Created by system Total of Order Entered by client

1 ORD-345-001 $1,200.00 xyz Corp
2 ORD-345-002 $1,600.00 abc Corp
3 ORD-345-003 $3,245.00 xyz Corp

The Get Record number would be 3
The GoTo Record number would allow me to enter the number 2 and the above list would start with ORD-345-002 and then the rest of the file.

I really need this feature too.
Please implement it- thanks :slight_smile: