Google Calendar Sync Trouble

I have two questions regarding the sync function:

  1. Will the calendar sync Dates and Times if the Ragic field used in the database is the combined Date & Time? I noticed the Sync calendar tool does not recognize this field type when selecting the time of the calendar item.

I attempted to use the Sync Calendar tool and was unable to have a calendar item show up on Google Calendar. Could the use of this field be the reason why?

  1. Can the calendar be separated by Ragic user, allowing Google Calendar to be color coded by user, rather than having a single calendar for everyone?

Hi Joshua,

  1. Currently it’s only supported to sync from separate Date and Time fields to other calendar app. I’ve also forwarded this issue to our development team to see if we can remove the unavailable fields on the list to prevent misunderstanding or to be able to support one Date & Time field to be synced.

  2. Since the items shown on Ragic’s Calendar report is not always categorized by users, it is currently not supported to colorize the items by users. I’ll forward this information to our development team and see if we can add an option to choose from a selection field to be colorized accordingly for each items shown on the calendar report.

Hi Joshua,

I’ve checked with our developer again, and I just found out that when you choose “Date and time field” as “Start Date”, it can be synced successfully (Date and time would be mapped correctly.)