Global records filtering / Entity

I’m trying Ragic for use in our company, but I haven’t found a suitable method, so I’m asking for advice from more experienced people.

I want to use Ragic to keep track of IT assets (HW, SW, licenses, configurations, locations, contracts, photos, contacts, addresses, warranties, etc).
For each asset I would also list the customer it belongs to, no problem with that.

But: to work fast, I would need some global filter that would allow me to restrict the work only for the tables of a given customer.
Let’s say I want to work with customer FirmaA this morning, and I don’t want anyone else’s data to show up in my tables. Even if I switch between tables.
In the afternoon I will change the view to FirmB etc.
If you know for example GLPI, it can separate, they call it Entity.

Thanks for the advice


I would like to suggest adding your customers as external users, giving them access to login to your database. This way, you can assign entries that are related to them and configure proper access rights, ensuring that customers only see the entries that belong to them.

If you want to display specific customer entries on your own listing view, I recommend using filters.

I think what tomas1 was asking is something like filter but we can set the target customer only once and then all the different tables only display info related to that customer filter.
If there are many tables, to select a customer every time we access a table is time consuming.

If we are able to apply some kind of Global attribute to the filter on the default filter of all the different tables. It can work. But I am not sure if we can use a Global attribute this way to apply filter dynamically.