Global Access Right Panel - Dropdown Group Selection

Hi Ragic Developers,

Could you add a dropdown filter by user groups in the global access rights panel?
As we add more user groups, the table expands considerably. We don’t use default groups like, HR, IT, and Sale, so it would be helpful to filter them out from the global panel view.

Thank you


We do provide filtering options within groups. Please make sure to check the settings on the left side of the group form, as well as the field headers, to find the relevant filtering options. Thank you.

I don’t see it in the Global Access Rights. Can you provide a screeshot?


I apologize for my earlier misunderstanding.

Regarding the feature you requested, it is currently not available. The request has been forwarded to our development team, and if there are any updates or when it becomes officially available, we will notify you in the comments below. Thank you.

Thank you!