Get the user name of the user who the last triggered the specific action button

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Does anyone know how to get the user name who triggered the action button into a field?
I can see it in the field history, but how can I extract that value and collect them in the field value?

we want to see who submitted the report in the field “submitted by”

I found this document Generating last modification date & time of a specific field in the entry guiding how to get the last modified date for a specific field, but can I get the user name of the person who last modified the specific field? or is there a way to get the name of the person who triggers the specific action?

The best option is to use update value {{USER}} when the button is pressed as a combined event.

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In addition, to what Keith suggest.
If your current Submit action is of different Action type. You can try combine the original “(A1) submit” action with another “(A2) Update Current Table Field” action (update the field of User type with {{USER}} ). into a (A) “Submit and Update User” action and hide (A1) & (A2).

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@Keith @funda.jeremy I have never thought of that. This approach is simple and exactly what we need. Thank you so much!

And here are other supported variables for anyone who looking for a solution similar to the one I was seeking:

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