future balance in work sheets

I would like to create a spreadsheet where I can calculate future income balance

for example, I get from a client 3 postponed checks
one for Jan one for Feb and one for Jun next year
I want to know what will be my future balance in each month .

From your description, I assume that you want a create a sheet and manage received checks.

I would suggest creating sheet as below:

Then, back to the listing page and configure a shared view with “Next 365 days”:

*It may not be suitable if you receive a check with due date that is longer than a year. If you do have this kind of checks, please let me know. If you would like to sort based on different month, you may sort via left sidebar.

In the future, when you want to calculate the total amount of undue checks, please go to the listing page and click on “Calculate total for all currently filtered record” as marked below:

Then, you’ll have the total value: