Freeze Total Bar to Bottom of Sheet


I really like the ‘Calculate Totals’ bar at the bottom of a form list that sums the values for all of the form entries. However, it does not stay frozen on the screen, so I have to scroll all the way down (for 200+ entries) to see overall totals.

Is there a way to freeze this total bar to the screen so it can be seen at any time you’re looking at all the form entries overall?

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I second this.

I figure it should be possible to not only click on the ‘Calculate Totals’ button as needed, but it should also be possible to make this a persistent feature of the view, so that you don’t have to click on the button again, if you’re always going to want totals.

It would be nice to pin this bar of totals to the bottom of the page (not the list of records), or just under the header bar.

Thanks for the you suggestion! We have reviewed this and add you to the list of people to be notified once it’s supported.