Free Text Filters on Grouping Reports


When using the Query Page on a Grouping report, if the field is a checklist then I can filter on multiple options image

However, if it’s a Free Text Field, I can only seem to filer on one option. Is it possible to use the same commands that the database Search function so I could search for eg Client 1 AND Client 2?

Or is there another way I can do this that I’m missing?



Just to confirm what you meant first, do you mean for either Client 1 OR Client 2, fetching results that belongs to Client 1 OR Client 2?

Hi Jeff,

Yes you’re right, this would actually be an OR query. Sorry, long week last week!

I wan to run a search that brings back results on multiple (in this example) Registration Organization Name.

Client 1 OR Client 2 would show all result for both those clients, but not for Client 3 or Client 4.

Many thanks,



I was just checking you had seen my reply to this and weren’t still waiting for me.