formula working in descriptions - NOT working in regular fields

this formula:
MID(E5, FIND(“@”, E5) , FIND(“~”, SUBSTITUTE(E5, “.”, “~”, LEN(E5)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(E5, “.”, “”)))) - FIND(“@”, E5) - 1)
is working in a static text field (between [formula][/formula] tags); the same formula is not working if used in regular field.
this is the error description
“Your formula contains an error. Please make sure that all parentheses are part of a matching pair, and whether you have entered all required arguments.”
removing the fourth parameter from the first SUBSTITUTE (that is LEN(E5)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(E5, “.”, “”)) will remove the error, but obviously the result will not be what i’m searching (that is extracting the second level domain from an email address).


Maybe try to replace the quote format from “” to “” to see if it helps. If not please send Ragic support with your sheet URL by clicking NEED HELP on the upper right side of your database and let us know which field values you’d like to retrieve.

still giving error as you can see

the formula will not be saved so how ragic support can help?

I have also tried substitue the 4th parameter in SUBSTITUTE formula with a number.
It still didn’t work as intended somehow.
I think it has to do with the 4th parameter.

exactly, but it’s working regularly in descriptions (as expected).
the 4th parameter doesn’t work in form fields and this seems to be a bug


With this formula in form field,
SUBSTITUTE(E5, “.”, “~”, LEN(E5)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(E5, “.”, “”)),
LEN(E5)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(E5, “.”, “”) is a [instance_num], which should be a number or is referenced from a numeric/ free text field instead of another formula.

Ragic developers are now checking the differences between text field and normal field.
Can we have a look at your text field too? Cause it doesn’t seem to work from my end.

Thank you

text field:
[formula]MID(E5, FIND(“@”, E5) , FIND(“~”, SUBSTITUTE(E5, “.”, “~”, LEN(E5)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(E5, “.”, “”)))) - FIND(“@”, E5) - 1)[/formula]

I tried directly input number 1 or 2 as the [instance_num] and it still doesn’t work.
So it doesn’t appear to be an issue with the source of input.
For the 4th parameter [instance_num]:
I tried “2” or 2 or referencing E6 with text field value or referencing E7 with numb field value.
None of these method works. The 4th parameter is not registering.


There’s a similar issue with FIND() formula, so the “within text” has to be replaced by a number or referenced field instead of a SUBSTITUTE() formula. Currently to avoid the mistake you could try adding another field to calculate first then reference it back to FIND() then it would work.

This issue has been submitted to developers to fix, will keep you updated once it’s completed.

Thank you


The issue has just been fixed. Please try again and let us know if you’re still having the same problem.
Thank you