Formula recalculation of related/updated "closed" form!

Hi guys,

I was just working on a customers Ragic database, and was unable to get a formula to recalculate on a form that was “closed”, and had information added to it, via a link and load (show references from existing sheet).

Basically I would like to open the parent parent sheet (products), create a new record, then in the sub table of this new record, I would like select another record from another sheet (bar codes) as an entry into said sub table (product variations).

There is a sheet that has been created for the sub table mentioned.

I have, like I said, included the product variations sheet as a sub table too (for the formula that we are talking about), into the said Bar Codes sheet’s form pages…

In the Bar Codes sheet form pages, there is the sub table of variations (should be just 1 per bar code).

What have done, other than include the sub table of variations, is include a SKU field (a regular form page field) with a formula (basically just the SKU field header field ref e.g. A3, found in the sub table below.

So, when I’m creating a new product form entry, I would like to select a bar code in the sub table of product variation, and have,… here, is when the the formula that I would like to trigger! On the bar codes sheet (as described), in the SKU field.

I know that said form is not open, however, when I open them to check, the variations table shows the bar code pretty much straight away, after having been selected, but like I said, the formula in the SKU does not execute!

The only way to make it work, for now, is manually! You have to open the said Bar Codes form (after having been selected), and execute an action button (one that needs to be added to recalculate the SKU formula!

daily execution of said recalculation, not so good, as many may be selected in a single day! And we need to formula to be able to re-calculate so that we know which bar codes have been used!

Therefore I would here today, like to suggest that Ragic includes said capability, i.e. the ability to be able trigger a formula recalculation on a related, unopen form, after information has (somehow) been updated on it.!

I am sure that you will be able to apricate that I, the client and even other people in the future would most probably like to be able to do this too!

Best Regards,

And as always thank you for you time and consideration!

Go Ragic

I am very interested to get this capability included in Ragic for my client. So if anyone is willing to create this code for themselves, then please do also consider sending me a copy, or posting it here…



Are you able to create a database for me?

Sure, can you please tell me a little about your needs?