Formula in Validation

Hi, I’m looking to use a formula in the validation tab in Field Settings.

For example, I need a date filled in to be at least 4 weeks after the date the record was submitted. I know that if I have a date field A1 and add 1 to it (A1+1) then it gives me the date of tomorrow back.

I tried ’ >(A8+28) ’ where A8 is the date the form was submitted and it didn’t work.

Am I just being dumb?

Any help is appreciated!


Hi Joe,

Formula is not supported in Validation. You will need to input “regular expression” or a fixed string in validation. For detailed information regarding validation, you may refer to this article.

And here is the workaround for your case:

  1. Create a free text field assigned with IF() conditional formula to check if it meets the criteria, if so, return “Y”, if not, return “N”.
  2. So that you can set up validation check “Y” to this new field to make sure users can only save the entry when it’s with value “Y” (which is retrieved by formula).