Formula for Latest Date | Subtable

I am looking for a formula that will display the latest date from a subtable column.

A similar one that I have displays the last entry’s data, Last(A10), but I can’t get this to work for dates. The other thing is that it’s not necessarily the last entry as the date is not for when it was created but for an event. So, the last entry’s event date may not be the latest date.


Please try MAX() to get the latest date in stand-alone field, with date field type. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure why it wasn’t working at first, but somehow it is now.

Thank you so so so much!! This is going to be a huge help for two things for my admin team :smiley:


I am trying to use MAX to find out the latest date. MAX works for dates in a subtable, however in my scenario I would like to find the latest date from the subtable AND a stand-alone field.
I tried MAX(LASTA(C32),G31)
I also tried IF(LASTA(C32)>G31,LASTA(C32),G31)
but none of the above options worked for me.
C32 is a subtable
G31 is a stand-field

Any suggestions?

Many thanks


You should try MAX(C32,G31) instead.

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