Form Page Builder - new features!

Hi there,

I always get very exceited when it come sto Ragic!

I’ve been using it for a number of years now, and have not really had a lot of suggestions…

However being a Ragic Partner, last night I was working on a new Ragic database development, for a customer.

And I starting wondering what about if and what if anything was missing from being present in the Ragic Form Page Builder. You see I was copying the customers existing excel forms into Ragic forms… And it became apparent that the Form Page Buiilder was not able to;

Stretch fields to fit across multiple rows,
that being either a “Description” field or one of the regular non “static text” fields!

And the filed names too cannot stretch across multiple columns (instead of rows, like above)! However unlike with the “cell” part of new form fields, that can be stretched over multiple columns…

Also, even though you can

Now I know that I can get a form page to do just about anything that I would like it to do, however, being tested on this occasion, I found that without being able to make such stretches, I was unable to, not include the functionality, but rather I was unfortunately unable to make the forms look the same. This has not happened yet, and had wondered when it would happen, even.

I lament, I even started think that it would be great if someone would actually ask me to request these abilities. So that I could be able to make a suggestion on the Forum here…

“However, I guess, not just form me, but for no one else apparently!”

So why I asked myself, then instantly I heard myself rant about “the fact that you can create any form in Ragic anyway, as it is”! And that, “how often would such a case arise anyway, where fields would have to be stretch specifically in such a way?”…

I was, in fact, at the time enjoying myself so much, that I decided, all on my own, that it would be great to have this! For Ragic to have this!

“Form me to have this!” :smiling_imp:

I would not only be able to finish the occasional somewhat “tricky” form to it’s fullest “visual” protentional!

But more importantly my friend, I would be able to feel the satisfaction of having completed a new form page build task, to the credit, of not just myself, but to the credit of Ragic too…

“This might just be the look that I am looking for! And the feel too, that I deserve!”


So here goes, Ragic can you please have a look at my suggestion, and see what you can do about giving me a Fully Furnished “field stretch capability”? Please?



PS_ Also, if anyone knows how to fit an image uploaded, to a specified set of fields, pls let me know! Anywhere on the form, and without the field name field being visible too? [I may have to post this separately]

Hi Kane

I’m not sure this is still on your Radar but as a Ragic Partner also, I found the limitations with the form to be frustrating. The solution i found, worked beyond expectations and i have never looked back since. Basically I used a 3rd party form builder, mapped the fields to RagicFields and then used a (really simple) API call to send the information to Ragic. I now have the ability to create completely flexible forms and have the data end up in Ragic (specifically in this example i needed multi page forms). It is the best of both worlds. If you want the detail just let me know.


I would be interested to hear about this.

i’ll write a blog post on it in the new year

I would be interested in this too. Any progress?

I would love to learn what 3rd party form builder you are using since I also have hit the same limitations. All help appreciated.