Follow-up on subtable

I would like to add a pop-up screen for follow-up on selected rows of a subtable in one of our custom sheets. That is, 90% of our rows in a certain subtable are completed without any followup. The other 10% require extensive followup, for which we would like a simple format, linked to the subtable and accessible directly from the main sheet, and including such fields as date, contact type, comment, etc.

How can we best do this?


Would you please submit a support ticket and provide more details of how you would like to follow up so we can have a better understanding of your requirements regarding follow-ups so we can provide you with solutions or guide you in the right direction? Details such as what records would need follow up, how you would like to follow up, and some examples or screenshots of the data on your subtable related to this issue would definitely help massively.

To submit a support ticket, you can do this by clicking on the “Need Help” button located on the top right of your screen, and submit a support ticket and enter your question with the complete details such as the link of the sheet, description of your process, screenshots or video recording (please upload your video to this link), etc.