Filtering records belonging to a certain group

I’m asking for some support to find a solution for a problem which I have with the filtering of records.
I have set up a sheet where internal and external users can create data records in it. Let’s say I have external users belonging to company A, for which I created a (external) user-group “company A”, and external users belonging to company B, also in a (external) user group “company B”. For each company user group there exists an external user (with a sort of a management role) who must be able to view all records created by the users of his company, e.g. only view the records created by users from company A, but must not be possible to view records from company B.
How can I achieve that?


You can assign entries to the specific user, who has to view records created by users in the same group, with the correct access rights.
For example, Survey User will be able to create, view and edit their own entries, but won’t be able to see other entries.
Find out more about Assigning entries.

Is it possible for an external user to view and edit an entry created by another external user?
Example: User A (from Company A) created an entry. User B (from Company A) should be able to view and edit that entry.
What is the best approach to realize that?