Filter Subtable as Default for External Users

Is there any way to filter a subtable and set it as default for all external users?

I have a separate sheet for external users, but I don’t want them to have to manually filter the subtable and set it as default, I want to do this in advance for all external users using this sheet. I would prefer them not able to change the default either.

Sounds like you would like to apply fixed filter to the subtable (cause “default filter” in Ragic means it’s applied by default, but can be removed/cleared by users, and this is supported.)

Currently it’s not supported to set up fixed filter to subtable, but we do have plan to implement this feature. We will notify you once it’s online.

Great, thanks. Any idea when this feature might be available?


As our team is still working on other features, we don’t have a estimated time for it yet.