Filter in left sidebar with "and"-operator doesn't work and wish for a fast way

I think this is a question for support and an issue and a feature request.
I want to filter entries by the left sidebar in a simple way with an AND-Operator.

I have a field with multiple selections: blue, green, grey, red (in future there’ll be much much more values).
When I try to filter entries, which have green AND grey by the advanced filter options" Include >green >grey >all strings below", it doesn’t work. It doesn’t show me the entries with green AND grey- it shows NO entries.

I need this AND-operator very often.

The other thing- I think, it’s a feature request, is:
The filtering in the left sidebar for simple filtering is really easy and great.
Could you please implement a fast way to choose between AND / OR -operators (like a checkbox) in this left (filter-) sidebar?

Because I have to filter entries every day several times by a lot of multiple entries. It would be much easier & faster doing it just by checking checkboxes (value1, value3, value4, value10, value13, operator AND), then by writing all this manually in the advanced filter options.

Thanks for your help!

Could please somebody answer me??

For the first question about filter, you could try top search bar. Using AND to search for entry that contain “green” and “grey” use the query: “green” AND “grey”, The symbol && can be used in place of the word AND.

Thanks for your suggestion, currently the OR operator in left sidebar is not supported because of the data structure restriction. We will discuss if we can make it in the future.

Best Regards.

Hello Hank,

thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
Yeah, your suggestion (“green” && “grey” in the top search bar) is a good help and it works :slight_smile:

But, your 2. answer is not correct- sorry :wink:
In the left sidebar:
When I check there for one field 1 value and for another field 1 value and click on “search”, then it uses AND.
But if I check 2 or more values for one field (in my example “green” & “grey”) and click on “search”, then it uses OR, so it finds all entries with “green” OR “grey”.
AND: When I click on the 3 dots for filtering, choose “include”, type “green” in the 1. field and “grey” in the 2. field and choose “all strings below”, then it doesn’t find any entry. Why? When I do the same, but choose “one string below”, then it finds all entries with “green” AND “grey”.

Another suggestion as a more efficient way:
When I check in the left sidebar some values of a field and click then on the 3 dots, then all these checked values should automatically be written inside the fields of this popup-window. And there I could then check “AND” or “OR”.
Could this be realizable?

So in …my opinion… there are too many inconsistencies for filtering /searching. It should be much more clearer, which possibility does what. So that users know, which one to use for which case.
I mean, a searchbar should only search. And a filter should only filter- over all fields and values with a chooseable AND or OR operator.

Thanks a lot, that you want to discuss the chooseable OR operator for the future :slight_smile: , Bettina

Hi Bettina,
It’s glad that helps you! For the second question, each option in a multi-selection field is a independent string, each value that we want to search will be looked into each string, e.g., if “green” and “grey” are in same string at the same time. There’s no string contains both green and grey like “green, grey” so it shows nothing. It’s different from the concept of AND operator.
We’ll review the related documents and try to make them more easily accessible. Thanks again for your suggestion :smile:


Hi Bettina,

Thank you for your suggestions on the AND / OR operators for field values. We do like the suggesting for using the 3 dots to specify whether the value should be AND or OR together. This seems like a reasonable UI solution (as long as the requirement does not go as far as AND these two set of values together and OR these two sets together). One of the biggest reason that we did not move further down with different AND / OR operators is that, to fully satisfy all requirements, the UI will inevitably get pretty complex.

We will also be adding more and more support for these operators, but they will take some time to develop. We will see if we can support all values AND together in the future first.


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