Filter condition

Hi, regarding the filter condition that is shown here: Filter Conditions, I wanted to know if it also works in the case in which the GET condition “where=1000001,eq,Ratshotel” instead of “Ratshotel” there should be “Ratshotel & Company” as I encountered problems with strings having the & character. It would seem that in these cases it doesn’t work. If so, how can this be remedied?

Hi Michele,

Do you want to filter by a field where the value is “Ratshotel & Company”?

If so, the & character needs to be URL encoded.
There are certain characters that are reserved in URL, and & happens to be one of them.

You may refer to this documentation from Google, which explains what to do with URL reserved characters.

If you are simply trying to filter field values which contains “Ratshotel” and some other text, you can use the “like” operator instead of “eq”.