Filter by multiple columns in list view

I have a sheet that I need to filter in list view by 2 or more columns. In one column I have an Origin value and in another column I have a Destination value. In the list view, I want to be able to filter the Origin value to only show Dallas and in the Destination column I want to only show Atlanta.

Basically, of the 3k records…I only want to see the ones that are Dallas to Atlanta.

I read the sorting/filtering article but that didn’t seem like it would work.

I should add that the Origin and Destination columns come from the same parent table


Would you mind submit a support ticket so we can access your database to have a better understanding of your issue? You may do so via the “Need Help” button located on the top right corner of your database screen and provide us with details that will help us understand your problem better. Information such as definitions of your question, the result you want to attain, and some visual references (like screenshots) would definitely help.