file upload function enquiry

hi member, i am a beginner, would like to ask regarding the file upload function.
I can merely upload one file at a time is it?
can i upload several files at a time?

thank you


Do you mean to mass upload files to multiple entries at a time? If so, you can use our mass file upload function:

Hi amy,
sorry for causing misunderstanding. What I try to mean is
i am trying to upload multiple files into a single entry instead of what you are trying to show me.
I may cause some misunderstanding.
Here,I attach some photo for your reference to have a better understanding.


If you mean to upload “multiple files” to one entry, you will need to desgin your file upload field as subtable field cause currently it’s only supported to upload one single file to one independent file upload field.

hi. okay.
i got it~
thanks. but in future is there any enhancement on this field?
to allow multiple files to be uploaded in a each entry?


We do have plan to implement this feature. I’ve added you to the list of people to be notified once it’s online.

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thanks amy


Can you please notify me as well? I need to be able to upload multiple (sometimes MANY images to one entry) for insurance purposes. If this has already been addressed and is capable of doing so now, please let me know ASAP. Thank you in advance for you assistance with this matter! Have a great day!


Once the feature released, we’ll update this discussion thread. :slight_smile:


It’s now supported to set up upload multiple images/files for image/file upload field: