File Format Signatures / Codes

I am loading several different types of file formats into my database, but mainly PDF files that are copies of purchase orders. The way that I name the files is based on the PO numbers. I have noticed that the file format signature / code shows up at the end of the name of the file (ie. ‘.PDF’). It has become confusing for people using our Ragic Database, or when we print a spreadsheet to present to a client. They think that the ‘.PDF’ is part of the PO number. Is there a way to have the file format code removed or concealed?

Thank you!

Hi Daryl,

Thank you for your suggestion, I will let our developers know and see if we can add a “hide file extension” option for file upload fields.

We have just added the support for hiding file extensions. It’s in the field configuration under design mode.

Thank you for doing this! I am excited to start using it.