[Feature Request] Option to Show Current Execution Status for Javascript Workflow: Keep user updated on the progress status

For some larger report generation that need to be carried out by JavaScript workflow, after the user press the Action Button, it may take a long time to complete all the process.
However, currently there doesn’t seem to be anyway to actively update the status to the user, so the user cannot tell whether the program has stopped working, or how many % is actually done.

They can only wait for it to complete.

I am hoping that there’s some ways for custom JS Workflow to also utilize the status function currently used by the batch process. For example, when Ragic system built-in functions of batch execution or reload is executed, it will actually show in a small black prompt at the bottom left corner to tell show many records is updated.

Please see if that options to show the status is feasible for Custom JS Workflow as well.
It will make some of the necessary JS Workflow appear more “active” to the user waiting for it to finish.

For example:


Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the feedback. Now we do have projects working to improve the interface to show users the status of each actions that’s currently under execution by system. We will further check with our developers to confirm whether JS workflow can be added into this feature.

Thank you!