Feature Request - Different Sheet Name at Listing View and Form View


When creating a sheet, it would be nice if we could have flexibility to have a different name for the listing view and form view.

For example listing view name could be Products and form view could be Add Product.

Certain software applications ask you to specify a singular and plural name at the time of creating a module/sheet.




Are you referring to the field names on listing page and form pages of the sheet? If so, yes, you can assign different names for same field on listing page and form pages.

No I actually meant the sheet name itself.


Would you mind to elaborate more on the use case for this request?

For example, on the listing view, you would have Purchase Orders and on the form view you would have New Purchase Order without the ‘s’. It’s more of a grammatical issue to do with the English language. I’m not sure whether it would apply to all languages.


Currently, what you’ve described is not supported. Would it work for you if you simply name the sheet as “Sales Order(s)”?

Hi Shaheed,

Thank you for your feedback. I will submit this to our developers and see if we can add the support for this on our future releases.

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