Fail to Open Entry with QR code


I’m trying to build a database (I’ve only started today and new to the program!)

I’ve made some entries and have a QR code auto generating with each entry. What I’d like to do is scan it with my phone and the app to load the entry.

Every time I scan the generated QR code I get an error message saying ‘Alert - Failed to open entry’ am I missing a step or doing something wrong?

I’ve tried to search but can’t find the answer…

Many thanks in advance


If you would like to take users to the page by scanning the QR code, you’ll need to use the URL of that entry (For example, something like “”) to generate the QR code instead of the auto-generate field.

You can feel free to send us a ticket via the “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database so that we can give a actual example based on your current sheet design.

Hi Angie,

Thanks for this but the link is not working “”



It’s not a valid link. As stated, the link is just an example of how a valid entry URL looks like.

You’ll need to put your own entry URL to generate the QR code in order to open that page by scanning. For example:

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