External Users and the Ragic App

Hello, I tried logging into the Ragic android app as an external user and the app said that there were no viewable sheets for that account. The groups and access rights have all been set properly and everything works as expected on the Ragic website. Is the mobile problem because the app only supports internal users? Or have I done something wrong?


Would you mind to switch from WiFi network to cellular network and see if the sheets and entries can be loaded correctly?

It was my mistake. Because I have two different account on the Ragic app, it was trying to access the wrong account for the email I had logged in as. Sorry, the app works great with external users too!

One thing that annoys me about the app though: I have one sheet that is read only… all fields on the entire sheet are set to read only. When people view the sheet on the mobile app they scroll down by touching the screen and if they are not careful the app tries to open these locked fields and each time shows an “Alert: Entry or Field is locked now” popup that needs to be manually closed in order to continue scrolling. This is very annoying. If the field is locked it should just not open. No need to constantly remind us why, and requiring us to close the alert box each time.

Also, I suggest that when the app opens and logs in, the first tab should be expanded showing the sheet names inside, rather than all closed and the user being confused what to push to open it.