External User Group - Personal Settings

Is it possible for you to add the ability to control the personal settings on a specific external user group?

We have a multiple version of the client’s profile so that they can only see certain fields. They are also only limited to this sheet. However, in the subtable, the entries have a few fields that are link and load, so they display as links (which we want to have for our versions of the sheet.) The clients can hover over this and cause the fly in to appear and show the fields from this page. They cannot see any of the information in here, so it’s not an emergency. But we would like to prevent the fly ins for this external user group.

I would like a way to make sure they cannot change these settings on their own. They only have access to one sheet, so there’s not a need for any of them.

Another possible solution might be to change the way link and load fields are displayed on a multiple version, as this is an option that can be turned on and off already. Is this already possible or might this be easier? The down side would be if they find the personal settings and decide to override it with that.

Thanks in advance!

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Currently, the fly-in panel could be configured in personal settings of each account. Hence, it cannot be changed by the SYSAdmin.

The workaround is that you can add a free text column to refer to the field value of linked field.
Let’s say your linked field under subtables locates in B2. Then, you can create a free text field in C2 with formulas “B2” so that the field value in C2 will always equal to B2.

In the version that you shared with external users, please hide B2 and show C2. With this configuration, there won’t be fly-in panel as C2 is a free text field.

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Thank you so much! That should be perfect!

This did not work. Even as free text, it populates a link. If I mess with the link and load settings on this multiple version, will it affect the original versions?

Hi Alaina,

If you remove the link of the multiple versions, it will effect on all other versions. Hence, please do not remove it.

As for the free text field, would you mind to share the URL of the sheet and the field name so that I could check for you?


Fields: Confirmation and Resort
A18 and J18

Thank you for your help!

Hi Alaina,

OK. I will see if we can add a check so that if the user does not have access to the sheet that flies in, the fly in does not appear at all.

Thank you!! I later realized that all the fields in the entry are linking for some reason. Maybe because it’s a multiple version.

We have also added the check so that if the user does not have access tot he sheet that flies in, the fly in will not appear at all.

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Thank you so much, I appreciate it!
It works on my end!