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I was wondering if there was any possibility of adding an “Expand and Collapse” option, to quickly and easily show/hide entire blocks. We have quite long records for some forms, but often once completed, we don’t need to see all the info. To be able to shrink down sections to just their header and a + would make the overview of a record much more user friendly. I am envisioning something like the “group” feature in excel.





Like Excel it would be good to be able to do this in a list view and also inside a record. In a record it would be horizontal and vertical grouping.

What would then be really amazing is have the grouping (maybe by group name) available in the conditional formatting. This was you could hide or show sets (groups/blocks) of fields based on another field value. Then long complex forms can be broken down into only what is needed and you could also build phases to data capturing.

I hope I am making sense.

Yes I love this evolution of the idea!

Thank you for your suggestion!

We do have something like this planned on the form page. For listing page it should be for the columns only. Also the grouping would certainly help to simplify conditional formatting in the future.


Another thought on this is to use conditional formatting to hide or show certain rows and columns.
The condition would be hide rows | 5-10, or 5,6,8 something to that effect.
This will make the forms very dynamic and you could then also interact with the conditional formatting in a script by setting the value of the filed the conditional formula is based on.

Who know the developers might find this easier to implement using existing functionality.


Any success with conditionally hiding rows on a form page?



Any updates on this a client really needs something like this?


This is still in our development queue, I will see if we can move this item up the order a little.

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I am also definitely interested in such a feature and looking forward to see this becoming realized.