Exclude fields from search

Are you able to exclude a field(s) from the search??
I have a field that is a ‘file upload’ field. I use this field to upload the same document to multiple listings. Problem is, this then associates all listings that have that same document attached, so when I search for a term that may only apply to 1 listing, I get 50 results because of this attached document; even though the other 49 do not contain the search term word in them. Are we able to exclude the ‘file upload’ fields from the search so it only returns results that are relevant to the term I have searched?


There is no way to exclude fields from search at the moment.

However, you can access the specific sheet first and then search with the search bar. That way, the system will only return entries within that sheet instead of the whole database.

What about ‘unlinking’ the file upload field from each listing?? the returned searches are not because the uploaded file contains the search term, but rather because it is the same file as a sheet that does have a hit on the search term. Returning results that have this commonality does not really make sense because it links all listings together, meaning searches return unrelated listings.