Exchange Rate Updates



I have a sheet and the exchange rates are not updating for days at a time. Sometimes they do.

I was just wondering if there was an equivalent to “reclaculate formulas” or “sync fields” that we can use to force a refresh of exchange rates?




Hi Terri,

First of all, it’s not suggested to share your database/sheet url here directly. You can remove it if necessary. If you’d like to share with us detailed information about this issue to refer to, you can submit a ticket through “Need Help” at upper right corner in your database > Support Ticket.

And if you are referring to our exchange rate field type, the exchange rate only populates once when the entry is created, and it cannot be updated.


Hi Amy,

Ha, I must have looked at a record created on a different day when I Thought they had updated.

Is there no option at present to have a live pull through of an exchange rate? It seems if it can pull it live when you add the field, it should be possible to add an action button to “re-pull” the rate, as it were.




Hi Terri,

Would you please let us know about your use case for having exchange rate field value updated automatically? And is it going to be automatically updated on daily basis automatically or only when you would like to re-pull it?




I also had the same issue with the Exchange rate,
i needed all my Prices to be updated on a daily frequency
I found a work arround that seems to work for now

I created a sheet where I have a have:

  1. a cell with a constant: “”
  2. auto populated date (to show the last edited date and time"
  3. exchange rate from Ragic Fx function
  4. a cell where i select a date (any cell will work, i just need to update any data on the sheet)

In this sheet I created

  1. “Update Value on Another sheet” fucntion to update in the arget sheet the Fx value
  2. link and Load to the target sheet, where I link: Constant, Fx rate, automatic updated date

In my calculation sheet i created

  1. a constant:
  2. link&load to the auto populated date (to visualize the last updated date)
  3. link&load to the exchange rate from Ragic Fx function
  4. url link to the Fx sheet

When I want to update the Fx i press the url link to go to the Fx page,
there I select the day of today, this will update the Fx to today, then I save the sheet.
Be carefull to select as the aditional options in “Update Value on Another sheet” to update formulas in the target sheet.

hope this helps.


Is is possible to schedule a daily workflow script in the javascript menu pulldown that updates the exchange rate at a certain time each night, and recalculates any fields we want updated too? I also need the exchange rate updated daily with related fields kept current.


Hi Amy,

We would use it in our payment records.

However, the payment record is created when we receive an invoice, and marked as “Needs to be paid”.

At set times through the week, accounts then pay the outstanding invoices.

We want to be able to show the exchange rate on that day, not the day the record was created.

Therefore, I Think it would be preferable to be able to have it update when we refresh it, rather than constantly updating. However, even if constantly updating, there are workarounds and that would be preferable to being entirely fixed as it is now.