Excelisys to Ragic conversion

I am trying to bring an old excelisys database into Ragic, but cannot for the life of me work out how to maintain the data relationships. I have exported .csv’s of my vendor and and product lists, but when I try to bring them into Ragic they no longer have any association, i.e I used to be able to search a product, click on the vendor name and have all the vendor details as well as a list of other products they sold, and vice versa with vendors, how do I bring this information into Ragic without basically having to manually enter >1000 items?



To migrate your Excel file to Ragic, you’ll need to create the linking relationship in Ragic first and then import your data.

Hence, would you mind to send a ticket and share the Excel file that you use for upload so that we could provide the best practices of building the linking relationship in Ragic?

You can send a ticket by clicking the “Need Help” link on the upper-right side of your account and filling the form.