Enquiry regarding using COUNT formula across sheet

Hi ragic member, I am here to ask about applying formula across a single sheet.

My planning is lets say i have a sheet named AAA.
Inside this AAA sheet, I create a field named “Payment”.
This “Payment” field is a selection function with the choices of Cash, Cheque.

That’s all for sheet AAA.

Lets say, in sheet BBB.
I would like to count the number of entry that is Cash Option under this Payment Field.

May I know, is it possible??

How to do it??

Thank You


If your Payment field is a linked field, selection from sheet BBB (which means, “Cash” is one of the record in sheet BBB), then you can insert a reference subtable on sheet BBB to show related AAA records by using show references from existing sheets, so that you can use formula to calculate total subtable records.