Embedded form: how to track URL?

I would like to use same embedded registration form for each landing page of our 20+ training courses. But then we need to know from which page did the user actually registered (the source url will give us information which exactly course did the client choose).

Optimally, it could be just another field which gets url of the registry source (just like it gets date and time of registry), but I could not find such option.

Could you please help me find solution for this problem?

It would be good to have control of the embeded form using javascript or something.
I wonder if the clever Ragic developers could implment that pfv URL value strings are respected in the embed via a change in the load.js :pray:

Hopefully someone can help.


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Thank you for your suggestion, I have submitted the enhancement request to our developers for the support for parameters like pfv in the embedded web forms.


Fantastic, thank you!